skills development network

The Skills Development Network Apprenticeship Programme recruits individuals across the north west of England in order to support talent development in areas of the NHS such as Accountancy, Digital, Data and Technology as well as Procurement.

Since the programme commenced in 2015 there have been 225 apprentices recruited with in excess of 280 enrolments on various apprenticeships across a wide range of NHS and healthcare organisations such as acute trusts (hospitals), integrated care organisations, mental health trusts and shared services.

The programme has been highly successful to date with a learner retention rate of 91% (well above the national average) with 87% of those retained achieving successfully and over 75% being retained in the NHS in either a permanent position or a higher-level apprenticeship on completion.

Foundation Apprenticeship Programme Video

To hear what managers and apprentices think about the programme, view the video below: